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13 Tips for Green Apartment Living Directly From Experts

13 Tips for Green Apartment Living Directly From Experts

Switching to greener alternatives is a great way to live a sustainable life, especially with Earth Day approaching. There are many ways to be environmentally cautious while living in an apartment.

Most apartment complexes offer compost and recycling bins and there are many alternatives to things you use every day. To help you get started, we reached out to green experts to share their tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle in an apartment. So whether you’re trying to live a more environmentally friendly life in your  apartment in Boulder, CO, or your studio in New York, NY, read on to see what they had to say.

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Tips for Incorporating Compostable Products into Your Business

Tips for Incorporating Compostable Products into Your Business

Did you know that about 84% of food waste ends up being thrown into the trash? As any restaurant owner knows, food waste is hard to avoid. However, it can be discarded in a way that’s much gentler on the environment than being thrown in a landfill. Composting helps to break down organic materials (like food scraps) and turn them into rich soils that can be used for future food production. Even better, with the availability of compostable dinnerware products, your business can compost even more waste to further reduce your environmental footprint. If you’re thinking about incorporating more compostable products into your food service business, follow these helpful tips. 

Choose the compostable dinnerware products that are right for your business.

Which compostable products are best for your business? If you serve a high volume of to-go orders, compostable utensils may be a priority. Plant-based cups and straws are perfect for any coffee shop or juice stand, and biodegradable plates offer a favorable single-use dinnerware solution over plastic plates or laminated paper plates. 

Launch a composting program. 

As you begin to utilize more compostable products, you’ll want to launch a composting program within your restaurant. Many municipalities have their own composting facilities so that you can have compost hauled away like any other type of waste. You may also find local businesses specializing in restaurant composting. With these industrial composting solutions, you can dramatically cut the amount of food waste that ends up in local landfills while also properly disposing of that compostable dinnerware you’ve added to your inventory. 

Announce your efforts to the public.

With any sustainability effort, you should share your progress with the public. Not only will composting attract eco-minded consumers to your business, but you can also set a positive example for other businesses in your area. 

If you’re ready to make the switch to compostable dinnerware, straws, and utensils, Greenchain Compostables can get you started. We are a U.S.-based business offering 100% compostable, BPA-free products. We also offer discounts on bulk orders, so you can get everything you need without exceeding your budget. Find out why more businesses are turning to us for eco-friendly solutions by ordering a sample pack of our products. You’ll only pay for shipping, so order now! 

How to Build a More Eco-Friendly Business

How to Build a More Eco-Friendly Business

Increasingly, consumers are looking to businesses to be more environmentally responsible by reducing waste and conserving the planet’s precious resources. However, if your business is in the food service industry, you may find that reducing waste and reusing materials is a particularly challenging task. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions, such as switching to compostable cups and plates, that can help on your journey towards sustainability. Keep reading for some tips on building a thriving eco-friendly business.  

Reduce waste with every transaction.

One simple change to help you use fewer physical materials per transaction is doing away with paper receipts. In the U.S. alone, paper receipt production uses over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water each year. Yet, there are many point of sale (POS) software options available that can allow you to complete paperless transactions in any restaurant environment. Customers can still opt to receive receipts via email and leave a tip through a touchscreen interface while you do your part to reduce paper waste. 

Utilize sustainable packaging.

The pandemic has increased the demand for to-go orders, which are often packaged in plastic containers and served with plastic straws and utensils. While single-use products are a necessity in the to-go environment, they don’t have to be such a drain on the planet’s resources. Compostable cups, plates, straws, and utensils are made from plants and are 100% compostable, so they don’t have to end up in a landfill. 

Partner with other eco-friendly businesses.

When you choose eco-friendly businesses as your vendors, you’re taking a big step toward sustainability for your own business. Incorporating Greenchain Compostables into your supply chain can help you get on the right track. 

Greenchain Compostables offers a complete line of compostable dinnerware, including biodegradable straws, cups, plates, and utensils. With our Subscribe & Save Program, you can have the compostable products you need delivered to your business each month and enjoy a regular 10% discount on your order. Plus, you’ll get a website widget and window decal to show your customers that you are an eco-friendly business! Start shopping for compostable solutions on our website today. 

3 Ways Our Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Is Better for the Environment

3 Ways Our Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Is Better for the Environment

From big tech to the automotive industry and everything in between, countless companies are going green in 2021. The benefits of adopting eco-friendly best practices are far-reaching.

This decision not only reduces overhead costs, but also improves your brand image, creates a healthier, safer work environment, and makes your business eligible for special rebates and incentives.


1. Help Preserve the Environment

Let’s start with the most obvious, and most important, reason to use eco-friendly dinnerware. You’re reducing your carbon footprint on the Earth and helping reduce waste.

Here are just a few startling statistics from our page to show you how we stack up against traditional plasticware. 

  • In 2018, the U.S. created nearly 300 million tons of waste
  • Over 146 million tons of that waste ended up in landfills
  • Another 35 million tons was burnt in incinerators
  • Less than 1/3 of waste was composted or recycled

Both incinerated municipal solid waste and waste that ends up in landfills contribute to climate change. By reducing this waste, we can help reduce the risk of climate change.

Greenchain products are 100% certified compostable and meet ASTM standards. All products are also certified by organizations like BPI and DIN CERTO. 


2. Lead a Healthier Life

Did you know that traditional disposable food containers contain harmful chemicals and toxic dyes linked to cancer and other dangerous diseases? 

Studies show that the chemicals in plasticware can leak into the food and beverages we eat and drink, contaminating users. In addition to cancer, these chemicals are linked to reduced fertility and metabolic disorders, including obesity.

It’s hard enough to monitor what harmful chemicals and ingredients are in the foods you eat. Let us take the worry out of what’s in the cups, plates, straws, and utensils you use.

Serve guests with confidence knowing all of our eco-friendly dinnerware is 100% BPA-free and petroleum-free. None of our products contain toxic chemicals that may harm your customers or the environment. 


3. Be a Part of the Solution

According to one study, the average restaurant produces 100,000 pounds of garbage every year. With Greenchain, you can become part of the solution, not the problem.

More and more food establishments are becoming Certified Green Restaurants® in an effort to cut down on waste and reduce their carbon footprint. And one of the first steps is choosing eco-friendly dinnerware.

Worried that compostable dinnerware will take away from the ambiance and style of your restaurant? Don’t be.

All our products are customizable to meet your specific needs. 


Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Dinnerware Today

Are you ready to reduce waste and help save Mother Earth? Our eco-friendly dinnerware can help you make a positive change, while also investing in the health of your customers.

We pride ourselves in selling affordable, customizable, compostable dinnerware including biodegradable hot and cold cups, cutlery, straws, and plates.

Want to learn more about our products? Visit our FAQs page for more information and start leading a healthier, greener life.