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Sturdy Plates

I purchased these plates for an eco-friendly party. I am incredibly surprised by the quality, considering they are biodegradable. They are water resistant and last longer than other similar products. Also very sturdy. I will definitely purchase more products from this company.


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Love these straws!

My kiddo loves bendy straws, but I felt guilty about buying the plastic ones. I went online to shop for a more eco-friendly alternative. There are lots of other paper straws out there, but they are not very sturdy, and very few are bendy. I was thrilled to find Greenchain compostable bendy straws and gave them a try. As soon as I opened the package, I was impressed, and so was my family. These straws really fit the bill. They are bendy, sturdy and 100% compostable! We love them and will definitely be ordering again!

Stacie B.

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Cute & sturdy cups!

Used these cups for kids at a party. They were perfect and the alligators on the cups are adorable. Best of all – they are eco-friendly and compostable. They are the size I thought they would be and perfect for what I used them for.


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Glad I bought these cups!

I am so glad that I purchased these cups. They are plant-based and compostable and I can feel proud of myself for not using plastic in my home. I got them for my breakfast smoothies and drinks and they work just perfect! Thank you for making the world plastic free!


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