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Did you know that about 84% of food waste ends up being thrown into the trash? As any restaurant owner knows, food waste is hard to avoid. However, it can be discarded in a way that’s much gentler on the environment than being thrown in a landfill. Composting helps to break down organic materials (like food scraps) and turn them into rich soils that can be used for future food production. Even better, with the availability of compostable dinnerware products, your business can compost even more waste to further reduce your environmental footprint. If you’re thinking about incorporating more compostable products into your food service business, follow these helpful tips. 

Choose the compostable dinnerware products that are right for your business.

Which compostable products are best for your business? If you serve a high volume of to-go orders, compostable utensils may be a priority. Plant-based cups and straws are perfect for any coffee shop or juice stand, and biodegradable plates offer a favorable single-use dinnerware solution over plastic plates or laminated paper plates. 

Launch a composting program. 

As you begin to utilize more compostable products, you’ll want to launch a composting program within your restaurant. Many municipalities have their own composting facilities so that you can have compost hauled away like any other type of waste. You may also find local businesses specializing in restaurant composting. With these industrial composting solutions, you can dramatically cut the amount of food waste that ends up in local landfills while also properly disposing of that compostable dinnerware you’ve added to your inventory. 

Announce your efforts to the public.

With any sustainability effort, you should share your progress with the public. Not only will composting attract eco-minded consumers to your business, but you can also set a positive example for other businesses in your area. 

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